Black bear tree marking

If a marking tree dies, bears often move their marking activity to a ...

It’s pretty well known that black bears will scratch and bite trees and telephone poles as a marking behavior.  What depth of communication this represents to the bears, I’m not sure how much is really known or believed to be understood.  Certainly, it seems that bears of various sizes and genders will use these marking points.  Also, some of the behaviors associated with this behavior, particularly the approach and, possibly, departure from these points seems to have some sort of ritualistic quality to it (as evidenced by trails that are apparent at some of these sites where bears have walked in the same footprints over many seasons).  I have been fortunate to find several of these sites, all large red pines, in my local area.  The red pine seems to be a preferred species for this behavior.  In an attempt to get some of this behavior photographed and videoed, I placed several trail cameras out on some of these sites this spring.  So far, I have been largely unsuccessful.  But that is the learning curve with trail cams sometimes.  However, I did get one nice still shot of a bear rubbing it’s back on a tree probably just before or just after also biting (which they do backwards over their shoulder).  The delay between still shot and video left me with just the briefest glimpse of the bear departing out of the frame on the video segment.  About two weeks after this shot, a bear (maybe the same one? ) came by and decided it would have some fun with my camera which it proceded to pull off it’s perch in the tree.  After that I got lovely video of leaves and treetops.  The season for much of this behavior may(? ) be largely over, but I may put my camera back out for another few weeks anyway, just to see…stay tuned.


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Black bears of all ages and both sexes rub their scent on marking trees, including wooden sign posts and utility poles, but the majority of this marking is.

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Black bears of all ages and both sexes rub their scent on marking trees, including wooden sign posts and utility poles, but the majority of this marking is.

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